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Our production covers the whole range of battery products: in the automotive sector we have over 300 products, and with these, over 4.000 versions are producible to satisfy the widest requests.
We produce the whole range of lids and containers according to DIN and BS standards. Containers can be supplied in different heights and measures and with a wide range of accessories for assembling. 
The whole range of DIN stationary and recombination products are available too, with many personalized versions. These can be produced in transparent or grey SAN according to their function and application, or in other materials with particular technological characteristics (standard ABS and flame retardant, ABS/PC and others).

Catalogues can be requested in electronic format (pdf) by following the link under each category.


Automotive (SLI)

Immagine AvviamentoSets for starter batteries used in automotive industries, produced according to the highest market standard (ISO TS 16949:2002).


Immagine FormazioneTanks, baskets and accessories for formation.


Immagine RicombinazioneSets for recombination batteries.


Immagine stazionariStationary (stand-by) sets moulded in transparent SAN for flooded batteries, and in coloured SAN or ABS for gel or VRLA/AGM batteries to meet DIN and other specifications. SAN and ABS containers on customers' request can be supplied engraved with antiacid and antiscratch paint, generally in white colour, with MIN and MAX levels, company logo, battery capacity and Spec.NO, as long as the customer supplies us with a precise drawing or negative film of such engraving.


Immagine trazioneTraction (motive power) 2V sets to meet DIN and BS specifications.

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