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The History of Accuma

The story of Accuma, operating on the market with the actual name from 1959, goes back in 1925 when Innocente Gibellini, father of the current president Folco, founded the company AIES – GIBELLINI.The company was specialized in the production of industrial technical devices in thermosetting material (hard rubber and bakelite): among these insulator for magnets, for radio transmitters, metallic parts envelops for chemical industry and for electrical car equipments.The huge amount of competences gained by AIES was used to put on the market, in 1946, the first hard rubber sets (box and lid) for automotive batteries and for large dimensions containers for lead acid batteries used for power supply in electric engines for submarines. Up to that moment industries of accumulators used, as containers, bituminous compound that needed expensive and complex manufacturing.It was a real explosion. The whole industry of automotive went for the new product that will be used till the end of 60’s. In that period comes to the batteries market a thermoplastic revolutionary product: the polypropylene.Progenitor of a new family of polymers, polypropylene is produced by Montedison Italia with Ziegier plants. Discovered and produced in 1954 at the Politecnico of Milan by Prof. Giulio Natta, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963, the new plastic material will revolution the industry in Italy and in the world.
A completely new sector was born: the plastic injection moulding. The change from hard rubber, not recyclable material, to polypropylene, recyclable thermoplastic material, is revolutionary. The effect on the industry is fast.Companies have to develop new manufacturing technologies, new machines, new moulds and new devices. Italian companies have the advantage, thanks to Montedison technology, to drive the development of this new sector affecting the world markets.

The evolution milestones

AIES gradually abandons ebanite to get ready to manufacturing of products in thermoplastic material.In 1959 AIES acquires Accuma specializing it in the construction of moulds for injection moulding with great investments in research, development and technological resources. From that moment on Accuma S.p.A. replaces gradually AIES in all the activities and future entrepreneurial, becoming an industrial company.

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